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# Mini-projects: 8 small grants of ~£5k to establish nodes generating online interactive e-learning resources created by students.
# Case studies: The Challenges of Residency []# Micro-projects (57) to establish a digital change within practice in an institution: This element of the funding was aligned with the Changing the Learning Landscape Programme. Each of the 12 workshops run under CLL in 2012-2013 invited small bids for providing digital innovations, enhancements or adoptions of practice within an institution - inevitably including a development or enhancement of digital literacy. To enable these to be managable with limited resources each project had a template-driven approach. There are 57 projects listed here.
This is also an open working wiki space to gather and discuss Digital Literacy outputs and outcomes from two project strands within the HEA. It also serves to share project details, outputs and outcomes to other project participants.
These collections are: