Digital Literacy in the Disciplines

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The Higher Education Academy is funding a number of small projects for developing digital literacies through the disciplines. This outline is based on the original HEA project page.

These projects have been selected to give a broad range of approaches which may help identify both common i.e. core themes and discipline-specific issues. This is intended to compliment the work our JISC partners have developed through the Digital Literacy programme.

Each of projects below has been required to work with students as partners to develop online interactive resources using the Xerte 2.0 Online Toolkit. This has been selected as a common vehicle for creating student-produced resources in the discipline. The projects are mandated to provide students with a means to create online interactive educational resources using this free and open source solution for desktop and mobile delivery. By having a common vehicle and similar challenge we can highlight where/how each discipline area addresses these challenges.

Funding for each project was limited to £5k so the scope of the challenge was limited to assisting students to engage with the constuction of online interactive resources in the current digital environment.

The projects are below - links will be added to local project pages or blogs as they get underway:

Reports from the above projects are also listed in DL reports.

You are invited to comment into the discussion page behind each report.